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Grandpa Henry or “Izzie” as he was known to his close friends, was a young Russian Jew living in Brooklyn, NY, running the family store.  Izzie was destined for college but circumstances changed, so he headed out west to California chasing his dreams.  Izzie quickly opened his first Deli in the LA area and began his passion for feeding and entertaining his customers and friends.  It was a very colorful time in the 40’s and 50’s in Southern California.  Izzie catered to the new movie studios meeting all of the movie stars as well as feeding some of the famous gangsters of his time in his restaurant.  (Or so he told us in his stories as he was feeding us Tongue Sandwiches).

Honoring his passion, we continue the tradition of his love for feeding and entertaining his customers.  When our families got together to discuss our plans, we knew that we wanted to follow our family traditions. When we found our location we knew the area and its residents were longing for a great Jewish Delicatessen.  Inspired by changing food trends and the rise of Gastro Pubs, we recognized we must follow the long tradition of Eastern European Jewish fare while changing the perception others have of the old worn-out Delicatessen. The Gastro Deli was invented delivering traditional fare of smoked meats and fish, fresh bagels and sides, blintzes, knishes, and kugel.  Our mission was to take the rest of our menu and raise the bar for our ingredients to include fresh, all natural produce, high-quality meats and poultry, and an innovative, fun menu for all ages.

Our hope is that you will enjoy the design, work, and imagination put into this location.  Our goal is to provide you and your family with a warm environment matched with a traditional yet innovative menu.  Following the example of Izzie’s accomplishments, we hope that you will allow us to continue his tradition of passion serving our family and friends – old and new – in our community.

The Maltin Family